The History of Horse Training

The History of Horse Training

I can only wonder why the first person who rode a horse thought it would be a good idea to jump aboard and cling on for dear life, but what a change to the world that one crazy person started.

Man has been using horses throughout history for various reasons; the main two categories of use are work and play. Under the work category you have many types like farm work, warfare and transport and under the fun category (for us) is sport and entertainment.

And with either of these two types of horse play (sorry) training is vital and necessary part of ensuring your horse completes the on hand tasks.

Why is Horse Training so Popular?

Whether your need for your horse is work or play, you must have a well-trained horse in order for you to get your tasks done and done well. Training your horse to do basic actions consistently and willingly is essential.

Horse trainers have the enjoyable task of working with these beautiful animals and helping them fulfil their full potential. A Horse trainer needs to specialise in their specific fields, as a horse required for police work has very different training requirements from a horse that will be raced in the Kentucky Derby.

The training of a horse can start at any age but usually is left until after they are weaned from their mothers. Young horses are handled often, this assist in one of the most important basic training needs (being touched everywhere). Sometimes trainers use controversial and outlandish training techniques, this type of wacky training should be avoided as there is tried and tested training that should be used.

Basic Outcomes from training your horse

– Follows quietly in hand next to you

– Horse allows itself to be touched anywhere/everywhere

– Horse takes medicine as you want

– Horse loads into trailer easily

– Horse allows hooves to be shod/trimmed

Basic Racing Outcomes from training your horse

– Horse wears racing equipment

– Horse carries Jockey

– Horse stands and breaks from a starting gate

– Horse trained and tested on speed and endurance

Training Horses for Racing

Horse racing is a massive part of the horse workforce, and a very popular and entertaining sport for the public. When the public is researching horses they should always check out the trainers of the horses in the races, often this information can be found on or the trainers/owners own sites. Focusing on the trainer of the horse and not just the pedigree of the horse or the pedigree of the jockey, assists in making informed decisions and picking a winning horse.

Checking out the history of the horse trainer is vital, as quite often their past race history can predict the future behaviour in races. The racing industry is one of the reasons that horse training is so popular, and why a great horse trainer can name his price for his services. Horse training for racing is an art, and these horse trainers often have a surreal connection with the animals they train and love.

The perfect trainer understands the needs of each individual horse, and can see what future

Potential each horse they train has.

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