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How Beginners Can Get Started In Horse Riding

Horses are incredibly majestic creatures that are intelligent, cheerful, and extremely energetic. With the correct treatment, they can form life-long friendships with humans. Horses have been ridden by humans for centuries because they are strong, fit, and capable of traveling the distance. They can be intimidating when approached for the first time, so if you […]

Most Common Ways Horses Can Hurt Their Trainers

For those that breed, look after, and train horses, they will know that horses are generally gentle and intelligent, and it takes a fair amount of abuse or provocation before a horse feels ready to start defending itself. But even the most well-tempered horse can sometimes feel threatened enough to attack those around them, and […]

Earning The Trust Of A Race Horse

One of the first steps in finding success in a horse trainer is learning how to earn the trust of any horse that comes into the stable. A horse’s overall temperament can make this either extremely easy or incredibly difficult to achieve, but it’s something that has to be done if the trainer hopes to […]

The Top Training Treats For Training

Horses, like most animals, are always looking for something to eat. The more appealing the treat, the more receptive the animal will be, which is why many professional horse trainers often use treats in their training sessions, especially as a way to positively enforce a particular behaviour.

The World’s Greatest Horse Racing Trainers Of All Time

It’s easy to remember the horses and jockeys that won the trophies at some of the world’s most popular racing events, but a lot of the time, the crowd tends to look over the trainers that made it all happen. These are people that have spent a lifetime perfecting their art, creating animals that have […]

How To Make Your New Horse Feel At Home

Bringing home a newly purchased horse can very well be a stressful event. While you could be feeling a certain amount of stress, your new horse will be experiencing it twofold. If you’ve ever relocated from one home to another – be it due to a new job, schooling, or simply chasing your dreams – […]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Horse’s Stamina

Spending years honing a horse to be as fast as possible will mean very little once it’s on the racecourse and it’s not able to keep up with its competition for very long. Stamina and speed go hand-in-hand, and ensuring your horse is able to maintain its speed is just as vital as how fast […]

Horse Riding Tips For Beginners

There is nothing more freeing that galloping, on a beautiful horse, over a wide expanse of fields. Besides being a great lower body workout, riding horses is also calming to the troubled soul and many people find that working with horses helps with a variety of ailments from Cerebral Palsy to depression and anxiety.

Providing the Best Care to a Retired Racehorse

Even if you have plenty of experience in keeping horses, the care of a retired racehorse is a far more specialised task. If you find yourself longing to give a retired racehorse a happy, loving home, we suggest doing plenty of research beforehand to make guarantee that you’re up to the task. Caring for a […]

What Happens to Retired Racehorses?

The Fate of Retired Racehorses Every year there are hundreds of racing horses, of all breeds that are looking for a home after they have retired.  So what will happen to these horses when they are no longer fit to race.  This could be because of injury, the fact that they are getting older or […]