The Magnificence Of An Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse breed goes back many thousands of years. Its arresting beauty and even personality have made it a popular breeding horse during the ages. Arabians have contributed their elegance, spirit and intelligence to almost every light horse breed which exists. In addition, many pony and warmblood breeds count the athletic Arabian among their ancestors.

Looks And Conformation

The Arabian breed is a compact, fairly small horse with a tiny head, bulging eyes, wide nostrils, marked withers as well as a short back. It typically has only 23 vertebrae, while 24 is the typical number for other breeds. The horse’s normal height is approximately 15 hands (60 inches/152 cm). Its average weight goes from 800 to 1 000 pounds (360 – 450 kg).

It has strong legs and fine hooves. The coat, tail and mane consist of fine, silky hair. Even though many colours are possible in the breed, grey predominates. The most celebrated stud farm is in the area of Najd, Saudi Arabia, however many fine Arabian horses are now bred elsewhere.

Six Types Of Arabian Horses

As Arabian horses have spread all throughout the world, via war and trading, these horses have adapted to their environments. This has given rise to six distinctive breed of the modern Arabian.

Egyptian Arabian

This is a very rare type, making up only around 2% of the Arabian horse population. These stem from the Egyptian elite’s desire to own desert horses. In the 20th century Egyptian breeders began preserving this type. They are considered as the purest of the breeds as their bloodlines may be traced back to an Egyptian herd which was owned by Viceroy Mohammed Ali. Breeders seek them out for their purity as well as elegance.

Russian Arabian

This type was established in the 17th century by Russian nobility. They stem from different Arabian bloodlines, including Crabbet and Polish. They are usually almost 15hh and a dark brown colour.

Polish Arabian

The Poles captured many Arabians from Turkish aggressors in the 16th century and started breeding a particular type and improving their own horse breeds. Unfortunately, most of their stock was lost in World War I which led to a breeding society being established in 1926.

Crabbet Arabian

These horses originated in the late 19th century in Crabbet, Sussex. Wildred Scawen and Lady Anne Blunt brought in desert Arabians from Syria, Iraq as well as Saudi Arabia, looking for the best examples from which to breed for show and to race in events for live sports betting.

Spanish Arabian

The least common of all Arabian types, represent less than 1% of the Arab horse populace. They began being bred in the early on in the 20th century by the military, which was responsible for all breeding.

Shagya Arabian

The Hungarian military developed this breed of Arabian in the 18th century, aiming to produce a cavalry horse with all the Arabian advantages, however larger and stronger as well as with greater jumping ability. They are thus the least pure and normally the tallest of all the Arabian breeds

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