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Best Feeding Tips For Horse Owners

While there’s no substitute for a balanced and nutritional feeding program, many horse owners report experiencing feeding time as a niggly and time-consuming task.

What Racing Horses Should Eat

Training and racing mean that a horse is almost always active, and they burn through thousands of calories every day in order to maintain their energy levels and health. Horses are not picky eaters, and will happily eat just about anything that’s presented to them, although this isn’t always a good idea. Not all foods […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Feeding Treats to Your Horse

Even the best of us need a treat from time to time, and your horse is no different. Horses love the occasional treat – or even a daily one, as long as you feed them in moderation and don’t give them too many calorie-laden snacks. Treats can be offered to your equine to thank them […]

Formulating the Ideal Race Horse Diet

Just like learning how to play blackjack in order to get the best possible returns, putting the effort into learning what your race horse should be eating can pay off hugely over time. When it comes to their nutritional requirements, racing equines are in a class of their own, and each horse may also need specific […]

Caring For Your Foal from Birth to Weaning

Caring For Your Foal from Birth to Weaning As soon as your new foal is born, you’ll have to start providing immediate care to ensure they remain in optimum health and develop well. The most important part of this process is ensuring that your foal receives first milk from their mother as soon as he/she […]

Beginners Guide to Feeding a Pregnant Broodmare

Essential Advice for Feeding a Pregnant Broodmare  From a nutritional point of view, the most important months of a foal’s life are the three months right before it’s born and from birth through to two years of age. It’s during this period that a young horse can reach 90% of its adult height and 80% […]

Feeding Your Racehorse for Top Performance

Feeding Your Racehorse for Top Performance The nutritional requirements of racehorses are highly specific. Broodmares require large quantities of good quality protein and minerals to produce a large healthy foal during gestation and to produce the nutrient-rich milk for daily lactation. Young horses need a good amount of protein and minerals to add hundreds of […]

A Guide To Basic Horse Nutrition

Information on the Basic Nutrients Horses Need When you are feeding horses, it is vital that you recognise that there are six basic categories for the nutrients they need which have to be met: Carbohydrates Protein Fat Vitamins Minerals Water Normal, healthy horses will consume between 5 and 15 gallons of water per day, or […]

Horse Nutrition Guide for Beginners

A Guide On Healthy Nutrition For Your Horse While all your Disney movies depict a horses diet as ten apples a day and maybe a mouthful of hay, this is far from the truth. Horses need more focus than that! A horse has a herbivorous stomach, but with a Cecum (like our appendix but actually […]