Qualities of Top Horse Trainers

Qualities That Make A Great Horse Trainer

Finding a great trainer for your horse starts with finding all or most of a long list of great qualities in one person! Great trainers are made through many years of hard work with horses, and are worth their weight in gold.

These trainers start with the simplistic techniques or good manners every horse should know. After and while a young horse is learning these basic manners, the trainers are monitoring the horse’s skill and plotting its future.

Basic training your horse

– Horse follows quietly in hand next to you

– Horse is able to be touched anywhere/everywhere

– Horse takes medicine when you give it

– Horse is easily loaded into their trailer

– Horse is easily shod/trimmed

Basic training for Racing a horse

– Horse wears racing equipment

– Horse carries Jockey

– Horse stands and breaks from a starting gate

– Horse trained and tested on speed and endurance

Here are the top five characteristics great trainers need:

One: Patience

A great horse trainer needs to have endless patience, as training a horse is not an overnight occurrence. The best horse trainers have a natural patience but also understand that patience is a vital component in training a horse.

Trainers need to be non violent, as horses do not respond well to impatience and the main focus should always be on horse wellness.

Two: Knowledge

Horse trainers need all the knowledge! It is essential that trainers have experience, and the best way to get this is starting at the bottom and working your way up through any and all jobs in the horse rearing industry. Trainers learn from other trainers, from vets, from jockeys and from competing themselves.

With this experience and knowledge they will be able to spot any health issues, or possible training issues a horse may have, so a trainer is often a horse’s first warning system.

Three: Passion

Quite often people get sucked into the horse world and never make it out again, as horse training/ownership is extremely enjoyable and why would you want to leave?

A great trainer has this passion from the start and is not in it for the money or fame, focusing on training a great horse to do great things.

Four: Natural Horse Instinct

A great trainer should have a natural affinity with horses, think “The Horse Whisperer” but less cheesy and actually very real. A great trainer will not be pushing out race horses just to make money; they will be working with that horse through all its stages of development, and will have a eye for what natural talent the horse may have.

Five: And still have a willingness to learn

And even thought the perfect trainer has already spent their life learning all they can about horses, they should always be eager and keen to learn more. Although with horse people, once the horse bug bites, they absolutely need to learn more and more about horses, especially I they are enjoying horse racing betting too.

So in closing…

This overall outstanding and super qualified trainer will be an amazing asset to any stable or horse and also greatly assists the smart horse race betting public member, who knows to research their horse races. Researching something as simple as the horse’s trainer can greatly enhance the odds of winning.

Behind every winning horse, is a great trainer who has put his very blood sweat and tears into that horse.

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