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4 Tips On How To Become a Jockey

The Jockey – How Do I Become One? Whether you’ve watched horse racing or not, chances are that you’ve heard the term, “jockey” before, and know that it’s the athlete that rides the horse as they sprint around the track. Jockeys have been a part of modern horse racing for almost as long as it’s […]

How To Train Like A Jockey

The Modern Jockey And How They Train Watching a professional horse race doesn’t always convey the amount of stamina and strength both the horses and jockeys posses. While there’s no arguing that nature does play a small part in how fit and strong a person or horse is, the real secret to their physical prowess […]

World’s Best Horse Trainers

The Top 10 World’s Best Racehorse Trainers  While horseracing fans can often rattle off the names of their favourite racehorses and jockeys, horse trainers hardly ever get the acknowledgement they deserve. It’s hard to imagine just how much blood, sweat, and tears are invested in the training of racehorses and as it’s almost unbelievable just […]