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Tips For Keeping Your Horse Healthy

Horses truly are some of the most beloved creatures on the planet, as is evidenced by the fact that they have been featured numerous times in classic films and literary works. The bond between a horse and its owner is a special one, and this is often visible to outsiders too.

Respiratory Issues That Affect Horses

Horses are similar to humans in many ways, which also means that they tend to be affected by the same sort of health issues that cause problems for us. Horses suffer from a range of conditions that affect their bodies, from their bones to their circulatory systems to even their breathing.

Maintaining A Horse’s Mental Health

Horses are generally fairly intelligent creatures, and much like dogs, cats, and humans, they can become bored extremely easily when they aren’t kept mentally stimulated. A bored horse is never a good idea, as not only will they be that much more difficult to keep properly trained, but they might become destructive, and may even […]

Tips For Better Horse Skin Health

The skin of a horse is quite thick and usually covered in fur, and it’s the first line of defence that the animal has against infection, pests, insects, and more. A horse’s skin and fur is one of the first parts of the animal will begin to deteriorate if it is unwell, and may often […]

5 Common Hoof Problems

In the same way that your feet support everything you do – and ache after a long day – so do a horse’s hooves. Some days, they even have to carry your heavy body around as well, absorbing the impact of rocky terrains and uneven ground. Using the same logic and reasoning, it would make […]

How To Treat A Breeding Stallion

Owning and effectively managing a breeding stallion is a big job that needs to be handled correctly. Many of these magnificent creatures can be quite highly strung and need to be treated with care and respect. This why it’s so important to look after them properly all year round and not just think about them […]

The Most Common Signs A Horse Has Been Abused

Not every horse racing trainer is able to get their horses from a stud farm, as those animals tend to be far too expensive for most people to afford. There are others that instead rescue horses that they then bring back to health, train, and then sell for a healthy profit. It’s a viable opportunity […]

Alternative Therapies For Horses

Whether your horse is injured or ill, there is no need to limit the treatment to conventional veterinary therapies or medicine. Some equine vets, as well as other animal health practitioners, are qualified to offer various alternative therapies that are not invasive and do not involve drugs.

Steps To Bathing a Horse Properly

Horses, like all animals, can get dirty over time. Whether it’s from running through the mud or dust that settles over time, it’s important to keep your horses as clean as possible. Not only does it keep them comfortable, but it also lowers the risk of them developing any serious skin problems that might affect […]

How to Prevent Stress in Your Horse

It is essential for any horse owner to be able to tell when their horses are stressed or anxious. Horses are naturally social animals, and contact with other horses can usually help them to alleviate stress and anxiety. However, this isn’t always possible, especially if you only own one horse. If you race with horses, […]