PONY TRAIN How to Train Your Horse for Racing

The History of Horse Riding

The Origins of Horse Riding Today, horse riding is a pastime enjoyed by hundreds of thousands across the world every day – it’s become so common, in fact, that it’s an intrinsic part of most countries that were influenced by the British during their expansion across the world in the 1800s. But horse riding itself […]

Five Extinct Horse Breeds

Five Extinct Horse Breeds Horse have existed alongside humans for as far back as civilisation has existed, and over those thousands of years, dozens of different horse breeds and species have existed. Some existed naturally before being discovered by humans, while others were bred over many years by those looking to create new types of […]

Protective Clothing for Horse Riding

Safety Clothing for Horse Riding Horse riding is a sport for some but for others it is a way to relax.  Either way horse riding can be dangerous.  Safety is important and although wearing certain safety gear will not keep you from injuring yourself it will definitely reduce severe injuries.  Here is a list of […]

Caring For Your Foal from Birth to Weaning

Caring For Your Foal from Birth to Weaning As soon as your new foal is born, you’ll have to start providing immediate care to ensure they remain in optimum health and develop well. The most important part of this process is ensuring that your foal receives first milk from their mother as soon as he/she […]

The Most Common Horse Racing Injuries

The Most Common Horse Racing Injuries Injuries are one of the most common side effects of racehorse training and competition and even retired race horses are at higher risk for these injuries than horses that have never competed professionally. A study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2005 found that injuries are […]

The Ultimate Thoroughbred Race Horse Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Thoroughbred Race Horse Buyer’s Guide These days, race horses are referred to as thoroughbreds and the name accurately describes the lineage of this breed as they have literally been thoroughly bred and come from a bloodline of champions. While thoroughbred horses excel at flat racing, other breeds such as the Standardbred and quarter […]

Top 5 Most Successful Jockeys in History

Top 5 Most Successful Jockeys in History Jockeys must display a good balance of behavioural management, horse sense, skill, and courage in order to be successful, and there are very few who go on to become great. While assessing the success of a jockey is incredibly subjective owing to the fact that they are not […]

Common Diseases Found In Race Horses

Common Diseases Found In Race Horses Racehorses, despite their breeding, accommodation, diet, and top-tier medical assistance, are still biological organisms, and as such, can still contract a number of diseases that can instantly put an end to their career. These are diseases that have plagued horses for thousands of years, and include diseases that are […]

The Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

The Rarest Horse Breeds in the World The first horses were domesticated approximately 8000 years ago and played an important part throughout history in the development of modern civilisation. Used in battle, agriculture, transport and a variety of other activities, horses were only bred for purely recreational purposes from the 18th century onwards. Even though […]

Equestrian Endurance Riding

Equestrian Endurance Riding Endurance racing is a popular equestrian sport world wide, with two main types of races being popular. The first is competitive trail riding and the second is the popular endurance rides, endurance rides are usually won by the first horse that crosses the finish line and that passes the veterinary checks along […]