PONY TRAIN How to Train Your Horse for Racing

The Remarkable Connemara Pony

When it comes to horse breeds, many enthusiasts are familiar with popular breeds like the Arabian, Thoroughbred, or Quarter Horse. However, there is a remarkable breed that often flies under the radar – the Connemara Pony. This extraordinary breed, originating from the rugged landscapes of Ireland, possesses a unique blend of versatility, intelligence, and athleticism […]

The Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World

How much would you expect to pay for a good horse? A few thousand maybe? Maybe tens of thousands if it’s a really good horse? Guess again. There are horses that have a value of tens of millions, defying even the wildest expectations. It’s no wonder that jockeys have to go through such rigorous training […]

Horseshoes And Why They’re Needed

Most people would likely be able to recognise a horseshoe; that strangely shaped piece of metal that they nail on to the end of a horse’s hoof. As recognizable as they are, most would probably not be able to explain what their usage is, and why most racing horses need to wear them.

What Is Required Physically To Be A Jockey?

Being a professional jockey is extremely demanding. Not only must a jockey be physically fit, but intense levels of training must also be achieved. Add to this that jockeys must also conform to a strict set of physical standards and it is not surprise that most aren’t considered.

The Magnificence Of An Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse breed goes back many thousands of years. Its arresting beauty and even personality have made it a popular breeding horse during the ages. Arabians have contributed their elegance, spirit and intelligence to almost every light horse breed which exists. In addition, many pony and warmblood breeds count the athletic Arabian among their […]

Tips For Keeping Your Horse Healthy

Horses truly are some of the most beloved creatures on the planet, as is evidenced by the fact that they have been featured numerous times in classic films and literary works. The bond between a horse and its owner is a special one, and this is often visible to outsiders too.

How Beginners Can Get Started In Horse Riding

Horses are incredibly majestic creatures that are intelligent, cheerful, and extremely energetic. With the correct treatment, they can form life-long friendships with humans. Horses have been ridden by humans for centuries because they are strong, fit, and capable of traveling the distance. They can be intimidating when approached for the first time, so if you […]

Most Common Ways Horses Can Hurt Their Trainers

For those that breed, look after, and train horses, they will know that horses are generally gentle and intelligent, and it takes a fair amount of abuse or provocation before a horse feels ready to start defending itself. But even the most well-tempered horse can sometimes feel threatened enough to attack those around them, and […]

Respiratory Issues That Affect Horses

Horses are similar to humans in many ways, which also means that they tend to be affected by the same sort of health issues that cause problems for us. Horses suffer from a range of conditions that affect their bodies, from their bones to their circulatory systems to even their breathing.

Earning The Trust Of A Race Horse

One of the first steps in finding success in a horse trainer is learning how to earn the trust of any horse that comes into the stable. A horse’s overall temperament can make this either extremely easy or incredibly difficult to achieve, but it’s something that has to be done if the trainer hopes to […]