PONY TRAIN How to Train Your Horse for Racing

The World’s Greatest Horse Racing Trainers Of All Time

It’s easy to remember the horses and jockeys that won the trophies at some of the world’s most popular racing events, but a lot of the time, the crowd tends to look over the trainers that made it all happen. These are people that have spent a lifetime perfecting their art, creating animals that have […]

How Do You Become A Horse Racing Jockey?

Horses are beautiful animals. They are utilised for all sorts of things, however one of the most glamorous things that a horse can do is race. Every year there are thousands of races around the world. Seated on the back of every horse is a horse racing jockey.

Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Upright?

If you’re the owner of a horse, you could have spotted that these huge animals have quite odd sleeping habits. Not like other pets, horses have unique sleeping patterns which may seem confusing if you’re a fairly new owner, however there’s often no reason to be concerned if you spot odd horse sleeping.

Pregnant Horse Info 101

Babies are a blessing, or so the saying goes. And when it comes to your prize filly being pregnant, you’ll definitely want to pull out all the stops to help ensure an easy birth and safe pregnancy. If this is your first pregnant horse, then the below is a great starting point for you on […]

Why Do People Love Horse Racing Events

Horse racing is one of the most admired sports and it is a sport that dates back as far as ancient Greece. Chariot races are prevalent back then, even through the war era. However, horses utilised in chariots races no longer exist today. Although today we can see horses ridden by people, they’re mostly in […]

How To Make Your New Horse Feel At Home

Bringing home a newly purchased horse can very well be a stressful event. While you could be feeling a certain amount of stress, your new horse will be experiencing it twofold. If you’ve ever relocated from one home to another – be it due to a new job, schooling, or simply chasing your dreams – […]

5 Common Hoof Problems

In the same way that your feet support everything you do – and ache after a long day – so do a horse’s hooves. Some days, they even have to carry your heavy body around as well, absorbing the impact of rocky terrains and uneven ground. Using the same logic and reasoning, it would make […]

Getting The Most Out Of Your Horse’s Stamina

Spending years honing a horse to be as fast as possible will mean very little once it’s on the racecourse and it’s not able to keep up with its competition for very long. Stamina and speed go hand-in-hand, and ensuring your horse is able to maintain its speed is just as vital as how fast […]

The Best Dog Breeds For Horse Lovers

Are you mad about horses? Are you one of the lucky ones to live on a farm or ranch where you can keep your own horses and a pack of pooches? Or do you simply want all your furry babies to get along?

All You Need To Know About Disney’s New Black Beauty

Disney recently released the trailer to their much anticipated Black Beauty release. A DisneyPlus original film, the movie reimagines the old, beloved classic, bringing the story of this famous horse to live for whole new audience. The film is due for release on the 27th of November and will be available for streaming.