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The Remarkable Connemara Pony

When it comes to horse breeds, many enthusiasts are familiar with popular breeds like the Arabian, Thoroughbred, or Quarter Horse. However, there is a remarkable breed that often flies under the radar – the Connemara Pony. This extraordinary breed, originating from the rugged landscapes of Ireland, possesses a unique blend of versatility, intelligence, and athleticism […]

The Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World

How much would you expect to pay for a good horse? A few thousand maybe? Maybe tens of thousands if it’s a really good horse? Guess again. There are horses that have a value of tens of millions, defying even the wildest expectations. It’s no wonder that jockeys have to go through such rigorous training […]

The Magnificence Of An Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse breed goes back many thousands of years. Its arresting beauty and even personality have made it a popular breeding horse during the ages. Arabians have contributed their elegance, spirit and intelligence to almost every light horse breed which exists. In addition, many pony and warmblood breeds count the athletic Arabian among their […]

The Skills Of The Thoroughbred

In the world of professional horse racing, there are few other breeds that are as highly prized as the thoroughbred. This breed has become known throughout the world for being extremely fast, confident, and easy to train, making them perfect for horse racing.

Best Horse Breeds For Novice Riders

Learning to effectively ride a horse can take time, patience, and dedication, and it’s not something anyone can do without prior experience.  Even the world’s best jockeys had to start somewhere, and it took them years of hard work before they could start winning races on a regular basis.

Explaining the Best Traits to Look out for in a Racer

Professional horse racing trainers and jockeys spend years learning about the animals that they ride out on the track, and this gives them a deep insight into the kinds of desirable traits in a horse that often point to them being good racers. These are usually physical traits that the horse will usually inherit from […]

The Bravest Horse Breed in the World

The Waler is considered to be one of the most robust, courageous horse breeds on earth. Its lines can be traced back to the horses that were brought over via the First Fleet, the 11 ships that departed from Portsmouth, England in 1787 to found the penal colony that went on to become Australia.

The Oldest Horse Breeds in the World

Of the hundreds of horse and pony breeds around today, some have been around for far longer than you may think.

How Thoroughbreds Can All Be Traced Back to Three Sires

The English Thoroughbred history is one that extends far back in time; with records indicating that stocks of Arab and Barb horses were introduced to the country as early as the 3rd Century!

The History of The Arabian Breed

Arabians resided among the desert peoples of the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years, looked after and bred by the Bedouins for use in both conflict and for lengthy treks and fast forays into enemy villages. With its large lung capacity and incredible strength, the Arabian developed to thrive in these rough desert conditions.