Top 10 Tips for Horse Trainers

10 Qualities of an Effective Horse Trainer

Being a horse trainer is a highly rewarding job, but not everyone is cut out for it. Besides the patience and discipline required, the most successful horse trainers also have a unique set of innate instincts which cannot be taught. If you’ve found a trainer with the 10 characteristics detailed below, you know you’ve found a good one!


Effective horse training is a slow and gradual process and you cannot go in with preconceived ideas about how things are going to go. Each horse is different and you may have to repeat certain steps over and over before the training takes hold.


Losing your temper while training will erase any progress made and thus having superior control over your emotions is essential to effective horse training. Your timing, the way you convey yourself and your position in the saddle all require excellent self-control, and will reap excellent training results.


The best trainers are never satisfied with their knowledge and are consistently driven to learn more and be better. This inner drive and ambition to be better is an important quality of any horse trainer and this need to constantly improve will make you a better trainer.


An excellent trainer has an in-depth understanding of horse behaviour and horse psychology, and understands when to apply mental and physical pressure and when to remove it. Mere seconds in your timing can make all the difference to your effectiveness and great horsemanship comes with time.


It is said that the best trainers are born with an innate set of skills which cannot be taught, but don’t fret if you feel that you do not have these natural instincts – even the most successful horse racing betting fans had to start small. Spending a good amount of time with horses will help you develop the instincts required to keep yourself and your horse safe while training.


Your main objective when becoming a horse trainer should not be the money, as a career as a trainer is demanding and tiring. You will most likely never be rich as a horse trainer, unless you become a celebrated racehorse trainer, and passion for the business and being outcome driven is what makes being a horse trainer worthwhile.


Discipline may in fact be the most important characteristic required of a successful horse trainer as you will have to be consistently present even if you’re sick, tired, or in pain. You will throughout your career come across horses that require more discipline and patience than others, but the final outcome will make it all worth it.


The best trainers will adapt their approach when necessary, but will over and above be consistent over all. Horses require repetition in order to learn effectively and a consistent approach will help the horse learn more quickly and retain the information day in and day out.


Every horse is different and an adaptable training approach is absolutely imperative in order to be an effective horse trainer. Each horse should be treated as an individual and different personality types require different approaches. Tailoring your teaching style accordingly will be most effective.

Calculated Corrections

Every horse will need correcting at times, but it’s important to know when to implement the corrections, the correct type of correction, and to which degree. While this can be controversial topic, some horses require a firmer hand to correct ‘bad’ behaviours, but you should always keep your emotions out of corrections.

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