Horse Training Beginners Guide

How To Train Your Horse

So you want to be the horse whisperer? It is possible but you need to understand the huge challenge you are undertaking and know you need to have a large amount of patience.

But training your horse is very rewarding, and sometimes simple. You are training your horse each time you interact with them, doing an action consistently will lead to a consistent response from the horse. Just like wagering at horse racing betting sites, training takes patience, but you soon could be on t a winner.

Here are a few simple training tips for new horse owners:

– Enclosed space – not mandatory but it does make training easier. Using an enclosed space like a ring or a small paddock ensures you do not have to run to far after a hard to catch horse

– Know what to train your horse and when – younger horses would be harder for beginners to train. Most beginners would start with older horses. So before even buying a horse, you should understand what aged horse you should get

– ‘Advanced’ tricks – once you get passed the below basics manners to teach your horse, then you can move onto more advance training. But remember your horses personality, and make sure your and the horse are safe when trying out the tricks.

These are the basic good manners all horses should have:

– Lead quietly in hand – the horse must walk quietly next to you paying attention to you, this is the most important and is the groundwork for all other good manners

– Touched all over – your horse must be able to be touched anywhere on its body. This is essential, as you need to be able to ensure in a emergency situation you are able to tend to any part of your horse

– Stand and let feet be handled – having to trim restless horse’s hooves every 6 to 8 weeks is not fun or correct. Your horse must stand still and quietly while you work on their hooves

– Accept medicine/paste – getting your horse to take this kind of dewormer without balking is essential, as your horse keeping still for this also means they will keep still for dental exams etc.

-Get in a trailer – This is vital, your horse needs to be led quickly and quietly onto the trailer, as in emergency situations time is essential and fighting your horse onto a trailer can be very detrimental to you and the horse

– Stand tied – teaching your horse to stand quietly and not fuss while tied to a post or tree etc is also a basic requirement for your horse. This is very helpful when you need to groom your horse, clean hoofs etc

– Caught – your horse need to be taught to be caught every time you want it caught, this is necessary as trying to catch your horse in an emergency situation or even if you just want to go for a ride can be very frustrating.

So you now have the basic good manners for your horse you can move onto the more advanced tricks, both you and the horse will learn and grow! And always be ready to ask for help from more experienced riders, people in the horse world love horse and they love talking about horses more!

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