The Best Recreational Horses

The Best Horse Breeds For Recreational Riding

Horse riding is as old as civilisation itself, and there are historical records that date back to when we first began taming animals, thousands of years ago, and along with the dog, the horse was one of the first. It makes sense that horses would be among the first animals that we truly tamed. Their ability to carry us over long distances made them ideal for travel, which is what most of our ancestors did. Horses were vital for making any sort of real distance in a single day, as not only did they carry us, but they carried all our items and resources, always much faster than any journey we could make on foot.

Thousands of years later, and horses are still an important part of modern day society, but in different ways for many countries. In the west, horses have, for the most part, stopped being used as pack animals or travel mounts due to the prevalence of motorised vehicles. Farms have also stopped using horses as much, relying on machines that can mass-produce instead. Horses, then, have mostly fallen into two sectors: racing and recreation.

Racing speaks for itself; where different horses compete against each other for the ultimate prize, and is still especially popular among the online betting NZ scene. Recreational horse riding, on the other hand, has become extremely popular in recent decades, and some breeds in particular are especially well suited for comfortable riding.

  • The Appaloosa – Famous for its painted coat, the Appaloosa is a unique breed in many ways. Before they became a more prominent part of the recreational sector, the Appaloosas would be used as a travel mount, mostly due to their comfort and their temperament. Today, the breed is mostly found as a family horse, and used almost exclusively for pleasure riding.
  • The American Quarter – Not the first choice when it comes to pleasure riding because the breed was first introduced to run a course. It earned its name due to being the fastest breed around in a quarter mile, and while they’ve since moved away from racing as much, they’re still the most popular breed in the United States, and work extremely well as rodeo horses.
  • The American Paint – Similar to the Appaloosa because of its unique coat patterns, the American Paint is loved by breeders and enthusiasts all over the country thanks to its friendly nature and calm temperament. It’s found its home these days as a recreational breed, but there are still quite a few in the racing sector.

  • The Quarab – Quite a new breed compared to the others, the Quarab is the descendent of a mixture of an Arabian and either a American Quarter or American Paint. Inheriting the speed and stamina of the Arabian and the strength of one of the Americans makes this a fantastic trail horse, especially in country where vehicles simply can’t go.

There are many breeds to choose from for those looking to take up some recreational riding, and many of these breeds also make excellent additions to the family.

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