Top Horse Riding Tips For Beginners

Horse riding do’s and don’ts for beginners

If you’re interested in horse riding, either for pleasure or as a form of exercise, it can often be intimidating to start out. Horses are large creatures but are an absolute joy to ride and be around.

So when starting out as fresh and inexperienced horse rider, these are our top tips:

– Safety – Safety is not just ensuring you have the correct riding gear (helmet, long pants and closed shoes with a heel) it is ensuring you find a reputable stable to teach you how to ride. This stable should be certified and have a good reputation in the local horse riding community

– Grooming and saddling – you should try learn to horse ride with a stable/school that starts you out by grooming the horse before even attempting to ride. This is almost a bonding session with the horse, as you will get to know the horse and their responses better before just jumping on and riding off. As well as grooming, you should be taught how to confidently saddle and bride your horse, this is a basic in horse riding and is essential if you want to ride in the future alone.

Different riding styles – so you got on the horse, it wasn’t graceful and you were no cowboy, but you’re on – now the horse starts moving! Your riding instructor will teach you how to get your horse moving, after you have mastered the art of forward and stop, there are a many other styles to learn (trotting, cantering etc), but baby horse steps first.

So now you know what to expect when you first start horse riding, but often overlooked are the wrong things to do when horseback riding.

What NOT to do:

Balancing with your hands – we often tend to try balance ourselves by raising and spreading out our arms, this is not great form for riding and you should try leave your hands at hip level and use your hips and core to work with your horse

Thigh squeezing – horses are often trained to take a squeeze from the riders thighs as a command to move forward, so if you are a nervous first time rider the last thing you should do is squeeze your horse. Additionally you will tire yourself with the constant pressure and not be able to ride for long like that. So if you make this beginner riding error and your thighs are on fire, why not look into some relaxed entertainment options like sites that offer the best NBA bets around.

When riding you should let you legs hang loosely from your hip, with your weight ending in your heel.

Bad posture – you should never be slouching when riding you horse, slouching means you are not in control of your horse and your balance will be thrown off.

Try to always keep your chin up, watch where you are going and remain relaxed with your chest up and open.

Reigning in to tight – as a new rider you might be a little scared and hold on too tightly to the reigns. If you are trying to lead your horse verbally but are reining them incorrectly then horse can get confused and frustrated.

Try to learn your horse’s commands and mouth by changing your pull on the reigns in small increments rather than pulling harshly, this will show you when to apply pressure and what will ensure a response from your horse.

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