Unusual Breeds of Horses

There are a myriad of horse breeds globally, and each one has a unique trait, some are known for being hard-working while others are known for being gentle.  There are some that have unusual colours, while some just look unusual.

Bashkir Curly

The Bashkir Curly has an unusual coat, the coat is curly, almost like a Poodle and is much more noticeable in winter when their coat is longer and thicker.  They come in various sizes, miniature to normal height and also in various colours, but the one thing they all have in common is the curly coat.  The curl may vary from horse to horse and some may just have a slight curl while others have tight curls all over, even their eyelashes are curly.  Even if you are allergic to horses as some people may be, the Bashkir Curly is hypoallergenic, so most people even those who have allergies should not have a problem working with them. They are known to be gentle and easy to train which makes them a great option for beginners and children and they are also people friendly.

Black Forest Horse

The Black Forest Horse is bred in the Black Forest in Southern Germany and can be traced back 600 years.  When farms were mechanised the breed seemed to disappear, as there was no more need for strong working horses.  In 1980 the government decided to look into this and the breed was protected and although they are still endangered there are around 750 of them.  It has a thick mane and is has a strong physique with chestnut colouring and a flaxen mane and tail.  These days they are used for riding and drawing carriages. The Black Forest has a gentle nature and works well with people.We’re looking at some of the more unusual breeds out there and what makes them different, and just like the many great games you can play at the mobile casinos Canada has to offer; every one is special in its own right.


Their origins are not known for sure, but they have been around for thousands of years, so the breed is considered one of the oldest.  They tend to be semi-wild and live on the wetlands of Southern France in an area known as the Camargue.  These horses are always grey with a black skin under white hair when they are adults.  When born they are black or dark brown but the colour changes as they become adults.  They are small in stature, between 135 and 150 cm, but are strong and agile and are considered intelligent horses with strong limbs and joints.  They are used mainly as cow horses today.

Fjord Horse

Also known as the Norwegian Fjord Horse it a smaller breed and is from Western Norway.  It lives in the mountainous regions and is agile with a light build.  It has the dun gene, with five different colour variations and is one of the oldest breeds and was used as a farm horse, but today it is used for riding because of its good temperament.  It has a long, thick mane that is usually trimmed to make grooming easier.

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