Trail Riding Tricks And Hacks

Trail Riding Tricks And Hacks

Before you head out with your steed and the wild open wilderness ahead of you, read our guide on how to have a fault free trail riding experience.

Must Have Items

Water is naturally essential for us but also think of your steed. Many trail riders take along an old absorbent sponge on rope so when you pass a lake or other water source you can quickly soak the sponge and give your horse a nice cool shower over its neck.

Warm and ideally waterproof clothes are also essential, no matter what the weather. Being prepared is essential for safe and enjoyable trail riding experience. If you don’t have a suitable jacket or if it simply would take up too much space, a light weather-proof poncho could also do in a pinch.

A Multi-tool or pocket knife can come in handy in a multitude of situations. Just be careful to store the knife or tool properly to avoid hurting yourself or your horse.

Keeping Yourself Comfortable

One of the best tips when you go out on a trail ride is to always wear old jeans or pants. New clothing will soon become way to tight on the ride and lead to discomfort, chaffing and more. You also need to consider the seat of your pants as hours on a saddle can become uncomfortable for most people. There are special gel filled saddle covers available at stores and many trail venues also supply sheep or other animal skin saddle covers to add some extra comfort.

Another excellent tip is to stick plasters or some kind of bandage on the sides of your knees which will be facing the horse. Friction can very soon cause chaffing in this area, as people tend to pinch their knees around the horse. Plaster prevents the chaffing from spoiling your ride. Like how being unable to find the best AFL betting odds can spoil your weekend.

While a little conversation is great to get to know your fellow riders and to enhance the shared experience, overall you should attempt to quiet your mind on your trail ride outs. Not only will this make you more calm and relaxed, but the main thing is it means you will be focused on the trail and your horse. Getting distracted while riding can cause many accidents.

Be Environmentally Conscious

One thing that is always welcome on your trial travels is a plastic bag. These are not only perfect for keeping your trash from polluting your surroundings, they can also serve many waterproofing purposes such as keeping your shoes dry when crossing a river or even acting as a water container in an emergency.

Always stick to single file riding on established trails, as this not only keeps you and your horse safe, it also minimises human impact on the natural environment. In open areas however, it is best for your group to spread out to minimise the group’s impact.

When it is time to water your horse, avoid creeks, river edges etc. Stick to well established, confirmed watering areas that have all the facilities and tools you will need to safely hydrate your horse.

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