7 Reasons Why Horse Riding is Therapeutic

7 Reasons Why Horse Riding is Therapeutic

While many people benefit from sitting indoors across from a therapist, talking about what is troubling them; this sometimes isn’t enough for those suffering from intense mental and emotional trauma or behavioural issues. Horses have long been used as a means of therapy, but what makes horse riding or just being around these magnificent creatures so therapeutic? We take a look at 7 reasons why horse riding is the best therapy for some.

  1. Horse Riding Demands Focus

Horse riding demands complete and utter focus. If your mind wanders, you’ll soon find yourself and your horse wandering about too! If you are completing an activity which requires your complete focus such as jumping, and you do not concentrate on the task at hand, you could soon see yourself tumbling to the ground. The intense focus required gives your mind a break from thinking about the things which may be troubling you.

  1. Riding Makes You Physically Stronger

Horse riding requires that you are both physically and emotionally strong. Not only does horse riding demand intelligence, understanding, and compassion, but it also requires that you stand up and take charge of the situation. The strength that is developed through riding can be applied to other areas of life as well.

  1. Horse Riding Requires Emotional Control

Depending on the situation, hesitating for even a brief moment could put you and your horse in a precarious or even dangerous position, and as such full emotional control is required at all times. As a rider you will develop emotional control techniques which can be used in your overall life as well. There is no room for fear or anger while you’re in the saddle, much like with online betting NZ.

  1. Horse Riding Forces You to Be Patient

Things won’t always be perfect and patience is of utmost importance in riding, especially if you are learning a new command or task with your horse. Sometimes you will have to sit back, take a breath, and start from scratch. The patience you will develop over time in these situations can easily be applied to various instances outside of riding.

  1. Riding Teaches You Forgiveness

One of the greatest benefits of riding is that it teaches you how to forgive yourself and your horse. Just like with learning to be more patient, horse riding will present multiple challenges and you and your horse won’t always succeed. As such, learning to forgive yourself and your horse can go a long way. Riding helps you see what is really important and to let the little, unimportant things go.

  1. Horse Riding Strengthens Trust

When you mount a horse, you an entrusting your safety to a +/-500 kilogram animal, and at the same time you’re learning that the horse trusts you enough to let you climb onto its back. The realization that such a magnificent and powerful animal trusts you is a highly rewarding and forges an incredible connection.


  1. Horse Riding Offers a Feeling of Accomplishment

The act of riding is highly therapeutic as the outside world slows down, fades away, and it becomes easy to focus solely on your horse and your riding technique. This is the perfect opportunity to step away from any issues you may be facing, reflect on and improve upon peace within yourself. Take a moment to practise mindfulness and be fully present in the right now.

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