How To Train Like A Jockey

The Modern Jockey And How They Train

Watching a professional horse race doesn’t always convey the amount of stamina and strength both the horses and jockeys posses. While there’s no arguing that nature does play a small part in how fit and strong a person or horse is, the real secret to their physical prowess is years and years of extensive training. The speed might all be in the horse, but being able to control a racing machine at every turn without falling off means being as fit as an Olympic athlete, and any jockey can attest to the sheer amount of training they need to get through before racing a pedigree animal.

The kind of training that jockeys have to endure is comprised of balance and flexibility practice, strength building, and aerobic exercise. All these together over a series of years creates a powerful master for the horse, among the few individuals who are able to maintain control over a running machine. Learning how a jockey trains has a few benefits. Perhaps it’s for personal use, to get healthy and fit. Or possibly for online betting, where any horse racing tips NZ can help make the right wagers. Whatever the case, this is the kind of training a jockey needs to go through.

Flexibility and Balance Training

This includes a mixture of Pilates, Yoga, sit-ups, lunges, squats, and many more. Maintaining good balance on the back of a horse is vitally important, and ensures that the jockey doesn’t come to any serious harm during a race. For many of these exercises, it’s all about strengthening the core muscles, as these are the muscles that keep a jockey from being knocked off their horse. Flexibility is also an important factor to consider when training like a jockey, as there can be sharp and unexpected turns that a jockey needs to be able to adjust to immediately.

Aerobic Training

Stamina plays a big part in horse racing, both for the animal and the rider. Stamina often determines who ultimately wins the race, as speed can only get the team so far on the course. This means that stamina training is arguably the most important. Jogging, treadmills, swimming, and biking are some of the exercises that jockeys will do every day, keeping their heart and lungs healthy, and ensuring their bodies are up to the task of racing an entire course, and ensuring they are constantly alert.

Strength Training

Holding on to a galloping horse is no easy task, and requires a huge amount of strength. While there are straps to keep a jockey in place, to maintain their posture and make sure the horse obeys their commands, a jockey needs to be able to stay strong. Strength training involves weight and weight-lifting machines, and a jockey needs to train all their muscles in moderating so that their entire body can handle the stress of riding.

Training to become a jockey, or understanding the intense exercise regimes jockeys go through can give us a deeper appreciation of just how hard they work, and why winning a race is so important to them.

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