Top Films About Horse Racing

There is little as exciting as horse racing, both from the perspective of those who train the horses, and those who attend the events. So it only makes sense that there is a veritable truckload of films dedicated to, and inspired by, the industry.

We compiled a list of our favourite. Though, of course, we don’t necessarily claim that this list is objectively the gospel of horse racing inspired films. You probably have your own favourites. But we thought we’d share a list of our personal best.


The name Seabiscuit is synonymous with horse racing for a number of reasons. The tale of this real life horse that inspired a nation during the great depression is a moving one, and has been perfectly captured in this heartfelt and emotional drama. What makes Seabiscuit so striking, however, is its focus on not just the horse, but the many millions that were inspired by the story of an underdog turned champion. If you haven’t seen Seabiscuit, you should. Just remember to keep the tissues close at hand.

50 To 1

Another great film about an underdog becoming a champion against all odds, 50 to 1 tells the story of a horse named Mine That Bird. Sure, Mine That Bird is not as well known as Seabiscuit, but also went on to beat unbelievable odds to win the Kentucky Derby in 2009. It just goes to show, underdogs do sometimes beat the odds, and when it happens, the entire world stands up to cheer.

Let It Ride

The feel good comedy may get some horse racing enthusiasts a bit riled up, since it depicts luck as some sort of mystical force. But, if you can look past the Hollywood fantasy aspect, Let It Ride is a delightful film that follows a gambler as he experiences the luckiest day of his life. It also stars Richard Dreyfuss, and who doesn’t love Richard Dreyfuss?


Kurt Russell may be one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, and you need not look further than a little filmed named Dreamer as proof. The story follows a trainer as he attempts to nurse an injured Thoroughbred back to health, experiencing a great many challenging dramas along the way. Of course, the ending is an inspirational climax that will have horse lovers everywhere jumping up and down in excitement.

National Velvet

Last we have an absolute classic film, and a favourite of horse trainers around the world. National Velvet stars a young Elizabeth Taylor in one of her most iconic roles ever. She plays Velvet Brown, a young lady who is obsessed with the notion that her horse can be a winner, despite all the odds telling her it’s impossible. The climax, as most know, involves young Miss Brown deciding to ride the horse herself, despite being completely unqualified to do so. Again, some horse purists may find this a little far-fetched, but that doesn’t mean that this still isn’t a wonderful, heart-warming film that deserves to be celebrated.

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