The World’s Greatest Horse Racing Trainers Of All Time

It’s easy to remember the horses and jockeys that won the trophies at some of the world’s most popular racing events, but a lot of the time, the crowd tends to look over the trainers that made it all happen. These are people that have spent a lifetime perfecting their art, creating animals that have reached the peak of their performance on the track.

Here we will look at some of the greatest horse racing trainers that the world has ever witnessed.

John Gosden

John Gosden is extremely well known in the horse racing circuit, but he didn’t start out his career in training as a jockey. He’s a tall man that was born to John “Towser” Gosden, a titan within the industry, and a good reason that his son would eventually take up the reigns as an adult.

He began his career with a degree in economics but spent much of his time after university learning from a number of notable trainers. He spent a few years within the United States, becoming a seasoned veteran that had many victories to his name, and would later return to Britain where he would find even more success.

Bob Baffert

There are not many horse racing enthusiasts that haven’t heard the name of Bob Baffert. A legend within the industry of American racing, Baffert is known for the incredible horses that he’s sent out on to the track. With names like Justify and American Pharaoh, winners of the Triple Crown in both 2015 and 2018, Baffert is, without a doubt, one of the most successful trainers of his generation.

Along with this, he has won 7 Preakness Statkes, 3 Kentucky Oaks, and a staggering 5 Kentucky Derbies. He’s reenergised throughout the world as a leading figure within horse racing and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. It’s almost always possible to find Baffert attending the Kentucky Derby, both as a contender and as a fan.

Andre Fabre

Andre Fabre is a Frenchman that was originally born in Spain. After leaving high school, he would go on to become a lawyer, but it didn’t prove to be the right career for Fabre, who would become one of the best jump jockeys that France had ever seen.

He claimed a number of event wins over the course of his career, with one of the more notable being the English Derby in 2011, where he was riding Pour Moi. After ending his career as a jockey, Fabre would later become a trainer, and saw equal success at this, winning a total of 24 titles. He is not quite as prolific today in a world of playing keno in Canada, but remains an important figure within the industry.

Aiden O’Brien

O’Brien is a true legend on the circuit, and has been at the forefront of the racing world for decades. He once trained at Ballydoyle Stables, which became internationally famous for the winning horses that it produced. He would see his greatest successes in 2017, setting an entirely new record by training twenty-six grade 1 winners in just a single year, beating out famed trainer Bobby Frankel.

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