The Top Training Treats For Training

Horses, like most animals, are always looking for something to eat. The more appealing the treat, the more receptive the animal will be, which is why many professional horse trainers often use treats in their training sessions, especially as a way to positively enforce a particular behaviour.

Horse, for the most part, will prefer some treats over others, although this can depend on the horse in question and what the treat is being used for. Here we will look at some of the more popular horses treats around and which are best for using when training a horse.


One of the easiest treats to get a hold of, and one that any horse will love to eat, fruit makes a great treat to give to an animal that has displayed a positive behaviour. The amount of fruit that’s given to a horse should be closely monitored, but due to how nutritious it is and the many beneficial vitamins and minerals that can be found in fruit, almost all of them are good to a horse. Bananas are a great choice, along with oranges, watermelon, and, of course, apples. Having a fruit tree on the property is a fantastic way of having free fruit available for the horse throughout much of the year.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are another great treat to give to a horse, but it’s important not to give them too many as they can often contain a lot of sugar. It might be worth looking for granola bars that have oats in them and are low in sugar where possible. Packed with fruit, grains, and other tasty ingredients, most horses will love eating granola bars, and thanks to how cheap they are to buy in bulk, it’s possible to always have one available for the horse to enjoy. Another benefit is that the rider or trainer is also able to have a granola bar along with their horse, and because they are packaged in plastic, they are easy to transport and will maintain their freshness for long periods of time.

Sugary Treats

Much like us, horses have a soft spot for anything sweet, which is why it’s so common for horse owners and trainers to give their animals sugar cubes, keeping the horse busy while the trainer cleans the stable or sits down with Canadian casino slots. But just about anything sweet will do the job, as long as it’s not overloaded with too many preservatives and other synthetic chemicals. If sugar cane grows in the area, it can be a great treat for horses, who will consume the entire stalk, although the high amount of fructose in the cane means it shouldn’t be eaten too often.

Sugar beets are another horse favourite, and while they can be difficult to find, make for the healthiest sweet treat around due to the fact that they are packed with fibre. Sugar beets can be eaten raw by the horse, although it’s generally a better idea to cut them down into smaller, bit-sized pieces for the animal to enjoy.

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