The Skills Of The Thoroughbred

In the world of professional horse racing, there are few other breeds that are as highly prized as the thoroughbred. This breed has become known throughout the world for being extremely fast, confident, and easy to train, making them perfect for horse racing.

Some of the greatest horses of all time have been thoroughbreds, and it’s a lineage that spans over 200 years. Here we will take a look at the common traits of the thoroughbred and what makes them so good at racing.

Their Lineage

A large part of the thoroughbreds genetic makeup is made up of the Arabian, a horse breed that originated from the Arabian Peninsula and is famous for being fast and agile. This breed was discovered and subsequently sent around the world during the Victorian era, and it didn’t take long for breeders to start mixing different genetic lines to create something unique. The thoroughbred was a product of this, and it was something of a great success for the breeders trying to create a fast horse that was easy to train, meaning that their ability to race is something that runs as deep as their genetic code.

The Breed’s Temperament

A horse can be naturally fast and powerful, but it can mean nothing if the animal doesn’t have an agreeable temperament that allows it to listen and remember its training and use that training to remain calm while out on the course.

The thoroughbred is known for its somewhat fiery temper, but when this can be tamed, it makes for a fiercely loyal animal that will push as hard as possible no matter what task it is given. Thoroughbreds tend to have the perfect combination of confidence intelligence, and it remains a large part of the reason that the breed has been so successful when it comes to racing, and is a favourite for experienced trainers wanting to create the next big winner, although sometimes it’s just easier to win with online slots in Dubai.

They Do Best With Experienced Riders

As mentioned thoroughbreds can sometimes have a temperament that is somewhat too confident, and it means that this is not the best breed around when it comes to beginner riders who have very little experience with horses. It can sometimes even end in disaster, especially if the horse decides that it doesn’t want anyone on its back suddenly. For this reason, most thoroughbreds perform at their best when they are under the hand of someone that knows what they are doing.

A well-trained jockey can easily get the animal to perform at its very best while participating in a race, and there are few other racing breeds that do as well when under the instruction of both an experienced rider as well as a trainer. It’s important to keep in mind that thoroughbreds tend to be fairly intelligent in general, and combined with their often hot-blooded temper, an animal can quickly become fairly overwhelming for the rider.

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