Explaining the Best Traits to Look out for in a Racer

Professional horse racing trainers and jockeys spend years learning about the animals that they ride out on the track, and this gives them a deep insight into the kinds of desirable traits in a horse that often point to them being good racers. These are usually physical traits that the horse will usually inherit from their parents, which allows breeders to raise foals with the potential to make it in the racing world. These are some of the traits that trainers will look for when choosing to train a new animal.


This applies to both the mental and physical constitution of the horse, and it can mean the difference between a horse being a champion or becoming someone’s pet. The horse needs to be relaxed in all scenarios, it needs to be able to focus even when things around it are extremely stressful, and it needs to have the physical strength to push it to the front of the line while on the track.

The Animal’s Soundness

While similar to the constitution, the soundness of a horse refers to its ability to push itself to the limits of its own body, and to give every race everything it possibly can. Thoroughbreds tend to be finicky and difficult animals to train and race, especially when we consider that these massive animals need to reach blinding speeds on otherwise small, thin legs. A hose that is able to remain sound is an animal that can keep up with its training program no matter what, and use what they’ve learned on the track without becoming too frightened or stressed. There have been plenty of horses in the past that became champions that were not sound, but the majority of horses on the track are those that displayed excellent soundness.

The Desire to Win

This may seem a bit far-fetched, but some of the world’s greatest trainers agree that winning a big tournament or event is ultimately up to the horse and its desire to win. Much the same could be said about playing at Online Mobile Slots in Canada! Horses come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of different temperaments, with each having its own fears. A horse that has a desire to win is one that is almost fearless in its temperament no matter what kind of odds it faces. It’s not possible to force a half ton animal to run around a track a few dozen times, which is why it’s important the animal is the one that wants to do it. They need to be able to follow their natural instincts, and to them that means running as quickly as possible.

A Big Appetite

Racing horses consume a huge amount of calories, and they constantly need to eat to keep their strength up. An animal that doesn’t have much of an appetite and prefers not to eat that often will not be able to maintain the strength and stamina needed to make it through the more difficult races.

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