The Best Dog Breeds For Horse Lovers

Are you mad about horses? Are you one of the lucky ones to live on a farm or ranch where you can keep your own horses and a pack of pooches? Or do you simply want all your furry babies to get along?

Then chances are you’ll be wondering what the best dog breeds are to compliment your love of horses. There is nothing better than getting out on a trail with your horse and having your pack of puppies run alongside, whether those dogs are tiny Dachshunds or glorious Golden Retrievers.

Unfortunately not all dogs and horses get along. You’ll want to choose a dog that isn’t overly aggressive and doesn’t try to nip at the heels or your horse, but at the same time isn’t too shy or timid. Let’s take a closer look at the top dog breeds for horse owners:

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are well-known for their gentle temperaments and their ability to get along well with everyone, from horses, to children, and even cats. Extremely loveable and devoted dogs, Golden Retrievers love to be a part of the family and take part in everything you do, meaning they will happily run alongside your horse when out on a trail ride. Renowned for their patience, these dogs will also spend hours sitting alongside the paddock as you train your horse, showing kindness to anyone that comes along for a cuddle.


These spotted dogs are known for their smart, friendly personalities. These dogs were originally bred as coach dogs and so have a long history working alongside horses as they guided the coach and provided protection. As large dogs with a strong, muscular build, and high energy levels, they have the stamina to keep up with your horse. However, unlike many other large breeds, Dalmatians are not aggressive by nature and have sweet, sensitive personalities that are very compatible with horses.

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Australian Cattle Dog

The uniquely coloured Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler is an extremely devoted companion. These dogs hate to be separated from their owners and love to be involved in your daily activities.  They have a strong desire to work and this makes them a popular choice with many horse owners and ranchers. They also don’t tend to bark a lot so won’t scare your horses. Like many horses, these dogs love water and will happily join you and your pony on a swim if given the chance. With a smart, wilful nature and a tendency to herd, they do however need firm and consistent training from a young age in order to socialise them around your horses, other people and pets.

Jack Russell Terrier

Despite their small size, Jack Russells are a favourite with horse owners because of their big personalities. Not to be underestimated, the Jack Russell Terrier has very high energy levels and loves to join in on any fieldwork and exercise activity, which includes running alongside your horse! Their bold personalities mean they aren’t too shy to hold their own on a big farm, while their stamina and smarts mean that you and your horse may even tire before your dog!

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