Protective Clothing for Horse Riding

Safety Clothing for Horse Riding

Horse riding is a sport for some but for others it is a way to relax.  Either way horse riding can be dangerous.  Safety is important and although wearing certain safety gear will not keep you from injuring yourself it will definitely reduce severe injuries.  Here is a list of safety items important to have when horse riding.

Wear a Helmet

A riding helmet is a necessity and you should not compromise on this.  A study was done that showed that most horse riding accidents result in head injuries.  It has also been shown that horse riding as a sport has the most head injuries.

Some riders will disagree with wearing a helmet for various reasons but these reasons do not seem valid.  It does not matter how quiet a horse may seem, it is still a risk to ride without a helmet.  It is not possible to avoid head injuries but using a helmet can lessen the severity of them.  It is important to choose a quality helmet that has been approved and remember to wear it for every ride.  Head injuries can be very severe and it is often difficult to fix brain injuries.

Wear Boots

Wearing riding boots has a twofold purpose, so keep an eye on the jockey’s footwear when horse racing betting.  Choosing a boot that has a small heel will help your foot from slipping out the stirrup and also offers protection against trampled toes.  Tall boots also offer protection from leg chaffing while riding, and also from scrapes and scratches from branches and scrub.  Chaps or half chaps are another way of preventing your legs from scratches and chaffing.

Make Use of Safety Stirrups

There are a range of stirrups that have features to give comfort and also to prevent your foot from slipping through if you do have a fall.  If you do fall off the horse having your foot stuck in the stirrup can cause a severe accident as you could be dragged.  Using safety stirrups will go a long way to ensuring that injuries are less severe. And prevent your feet from getting jammed.

Wear a Safety Vest

Safety vests offer protection to your torso in case of an accident.  These vests will offer extra protection to your internal organs as well as your spine and ribs.  The vests are heavily padded, but there are lighter vests available and are used by rodeo riders and eventers.  Most long distance and pleasure riders have begun wearing vests and even those doing dressage are using them.  It may take some getting used to, but is one of the best ways to avoid serious injuries to your upper body. They come in various styles and colours.   There is a vest that has an air system that is activated when a rider has a fall.

Wear Gloves

Gloves are a way of protecting your hands and give extra grip and strength.  This is helpful if the horse pulls and will also prevent blisters that can be painful.  There are various gloves available.

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