Maintaining A Horse’s Mental Health

Horses are generally fairly intelligent creatures, and much like dogs, cats, and humans, they can become bored extremely easily when they aren’t kept mentally stimulated. A bored horse is never a good idea, as not only will they be that much more difficult to keep properly trained, but they might become destructive, and may even lash out at their trainers as well as other horses around them.

This is why it’s a good idea to always try and keep a horse as mentally stimulated as possible. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that a horse can be entertained to ensure that they never become too bored, as we will explore here.

Maintain Their Training Regime

A horse that sits around all day with nothing to do will eventually become bored and unstimulated but ensuring that the animal always sticks to its training regime will help it remain stimulated for most of the day. Horse training is not just good for their mental health, but also their physical health, and is especially vital for those horse that are being trained to take part in professional racing events.

Helping The Horse Socialise

Any trainer or breeder worth their salt will be able to attest to the fact that if a horse is not given ample opportunity to socialise both with people and other horses, it will eventually begin to grow bored, antisocial and will eventually start acting out.

This is why it’s incredibly important that a horse be given plenty of chances throughout the day to socialise with other horses as well as its trainers. Horses are known to bond extremely well with certain people, and as long as the person that they bond with is usually nearby and interacts with them on a frequent basis, the horse should remain fairly amicable.

Offer Different Treats

Horses are curious animals and will always be on the look out for something new to chew on. This can become a problem if there are potentially dangerous weeds that are around the paddock, and it’s why it’s important that the horse is always given new treats to try every so often.

These can also be a great way of helping the horse maintain certain behaviours, and if they learn that they might get something interesting to eat if they behave in certain ways, they will be much more motivated to act in those ways.

Provide Various Toys

There’s an entire industry devoted to giving horses their choice of toys, and each one can offer a different level of stimulation. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can range from cheap and simple toys to much more expensive and intricate, depending on the budget of the trainer and how much stimulation they want to give the animal. It’s worth taking the time between rounds of to search around online and have a look at the various toys available, and then finding one that would suit the horse’s needs.

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