How Do You Become A Horse Racing Jockey?

Horses are beautiful animals. They are utilised for all sorts of things, however one of the most glamorous things that a horse can do is race. Every year there are thousands of races around the world. Seated on the back of every horse is a horse racing jockey.

A horse racing jockey’s job is to race a horse from the starting gate to the finish line as fast as possible. Horse racing jockeys need to be knowledgeable about breeding, training, performance as well as what conditions are ideal for each horse.

Make Your Passion For Horses Your Career

There are two crucial elements to becoming a jockey:

  1. A love of riding, as well as
  2. The correct body type.

The absolute best way to get experience is to begin riding and caring for horses as early as you possibly can. Working with horses gives aspiring jockeys the opportunity to learn how horses behave, which will assist them when it comes to race training.

Horse racing jockeys also have to be within certain weight limits in order to qualify for racing (usually between 108 and 118 pounds). This can be quite challenging as a jockey also needs to be physically fit in order to control such large animals.

Work At A Racetrack Or Stable

If a person really enjoys working with horses – and would like to be a jockey – a good next step would be to gain experience by working at a racetrack or a stable. Getting a foot in the door may ultimately lead to grooming horses or ‘exercising’. These processes involve riding a horse around a course at a gallop, as a practice run.

The next step is to begin taking part in schooling races, which are as fun as learning to spin the wheel and specially designed events that are meant to teach new jockeys how to exit a gate properly and handle the horse during the course of a race. Some racetracks require jockeys to have a licence to participate. Licence fees and qualifications depend on where you live. Once a jockey is licensed, they are able to ride professionally.

How Much Are Horse Racing Jockeys Paid?

Horse racing jockeys are typically paid a riding fee in addition to winning purse commissions. Riding fees vary between $30 and $100 per race. Purse commissions are typically between 6 and 10% for 1st place and 1 to 2% for 2nd and 3rd places.

If a horse racing jockey is riding a big race such as the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, or the Belmont Stakes they can make millions of dollars for one single win. Coming out topis in one of these races is a career highlight and may make them eligible for the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Jockey. All and all being a horse racing jockey is a thrilling career where you get to ride extraordinarily beautiful creatures, extremely quickly, and if you’re good, you’ll make ridiculous amounts of money!

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