8 Most Expensive Horse Breeds

The Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Some of us are born with a passion for horses, and think nothing of spending not just our valuable time on these creatures, but our fortunes as well. The relationship shared by horses and humans is an ancient one, and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. This article outlines the most expensive options for this animal, for you to enjoy in real life, or to populate the perfect ranch of your dreams at some point in the future!

The Amazing Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is the most pricey of any of the various breeds worldwide, and is also one of the oldest in existence. In the 1980s these horse became a very popular status symbol in the United States of America too, marketed as being akin to fine art.

The Thrilling Thoroughbred

Most of us are familiar with this breed, thanks to the horse racing events we enjoy placing wagers on by means of betting apps and more! They were first bred in England, with the aim of creating racers, and their short legs are what makes them so ideally suited for the long, easy strides, running in competitions requires. They have broad chests, slender trunks, and short backs, and are high-spirited and sensitive. They are truly exceptional horses in terms of both speed and stamina.

High Quality Quarter Horses

The Quarter horse is currently the most popular breed in the United States of America. Their name is derived from the fact that they are very easily able to outrun other horse breeds in races that are a quarter-mile long. They are excellent competitors in rode events like barrel-, calf-, and rope-racing.

The Perfection of the Paint Horse

The Paint horse is a breed from the United States of America, and is distinct thanks to the signature colour pattern it boasts, which combines the more common colours for horses of red and black with big white blotches. They were initially developed from a base of Spotted horses with Quarter horses and Thoroughbreds.

The Marvelous Mustang

Mustangs are a breed of horse that originated from Iberia and Spain and were then introduced to America. They are famous for their stability as well as their high intelligence, and are used in North America for a number of different activities. These horses also enjoy a longer lifespan than most breeds.

The Fabulous Friesian Horse

These horses are from Friesland, or Frisia, a province located in the northwest part of the Netherlands. They are well-known to be keen and intelligent, and are used in combat thanks to how fast and able they are. They are incredibly graceful animals as well.

The Incredible Appaloosa

Appaloosas are known for strong legs, a fact which makes them very powerful runners. They are also clever animals, and this intelligence makes them a great horse for learners. They are also able to survive on minimal amounts of food, which makes them a lot easier to maintain.

The Shifty Shetland Pony

As sweet as these ponies are, their temperaments tend to the opposite. They are, however, good for training, and are thus a popular choice for younger and beginner riders who are looking to stay safe as they learn.

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