5 Most Common Horse Breeds In The World

Horse Breeds From Around The World

Hundreds of years ago, humans realised that they were able to cross breed different types of horses, and eventually the offspring would inherit some of the better qualities of the previous generations. This is how horse breeding started, and all these years later; it’s become one of the most popular types of animal breeding in the world.

Horse breeding has taken countless decades to perfect, but today we have a range of different horses that are perfectly suited for the task that they were bred for. Some are extremely fast, making them perfect on the racetrack. Others might be strong, giving them better stamina while pulling a cart of plough. And others may simply be more comfortable to ride, making them idea for horse riders, especially in a professional setting, such as in the police force.

Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of breeds to choose from, and each one had its own strengths, weaknesses, temperaments, and appearance; and each is better at certain functions. People across the globe follow breeding for a number of reasons, whether it’s for the love of the horse, such as in the United States, for sports betting in Australia, or simply out of interest. For those that are interested, these are the five most common horse breeds in the world.

  • The Arabian

Often considered the oldest horse breed in the world, the Arabian has been around for as long as humans can remember. These are the progenitors of the modern thoroughbred, and are famed for their incredible endurance, which made them popular for hardier races in the past. The Arabian hails from the Middle East, where thousands of years adapting to the harsh terrain turned them into powerful, unrelenting machines.

  • American Paint Horse

Despite the name, the American Paint Horse can actually be traced back to the times of the ancient Romans. It wouldn’t be until many hundreds of years alter that the Spanish would bring the breed over to the new world, and from there they spread north into the United States. They are mostly for recreational riding, but have also done stints on numerous show grounds throughout the years.

  • American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse, on the other hand, is a much newer breed that was bred in the United States during the 1800s. The horse has become popular in the west and in England, where it excelled in different show grounds, racetracks, and was even used for herding cattle, especially during the Old West days.

  • Appaloosa

While most believe that the Appaloosa is a more recent North American breed, historians have found evidence to suggest that the breed is much older than originally though. The Appaloosa is famed for its unique coat, often made up of various patterns, such as snowflake, leopard, and blanket.

  • Thoroughbred

The most well known breed in the world, almost everyone has heard of the Thoroughbred, thanks mainly to film. The Thoroughbred is one of the youngest breeds on the list, and is the direct descendent of the Arabian. Today, they are mostly racers, having given rise to some of the most famous horses of all time.

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