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The Ultimate Thoroughbred Race Horse Buyer’s Guide

The Ultimate Thoroughbred Race Horse Buyer’s Guide These days, race horses are referred to as thoroughbreds and the name accurately describes the lineage of this breed as they have literally been thoroughly bred and come from a bloodline of champions. While thoroughbred horses excel at flat racing, other breeds such as the Standardbred and quarter […]

The Rarest Horse Breeds in the World

The Rarest Horse Breeds in the World The first horses were domesticated approximately 8000 years ago and played an important part throughout history in the development of modern civilisation. Used in battle, agriculture, transport and a variety of other activities, horses were only bred for purely recreational purposes from the 18th century onwards. Even though […]

Interesting Facts About The Arabian

Fascinating Facts About The Arabian Often cited as one of the oldest domesticated horse breeds in the world, the Arabian has been an important part of human development and civilisation for thousands of years. They were one of the first breeds of animal that humans were able to successfully tame, and they played a massive […]

Interesting Facts about the Thoroughbred

Interesting Facts about the Thoroughbred The Thoroughbred is one of the best-known horse breeds in the world. Even those of us who wouldn’t have the first idea of how to mount a horse, or what the difference between a halter and a bridle is, know about this pedigreed animal, thanks in large part to its […]

The Best Recreational Horses

The Best Horse Breeds For Recreational Riding Horse riding is as old as civilisation itself, and there are historical records that date back to when we first began taming animals, thousands of years ago, and along with the dog, the horse was one of the first. It makes sense that horses would be among the […]

8 Most Expensive Horse Breeds

The Most Expensive Horse Breeds Some of us are born with a passion for horses, and think nothing of spending not just our valuable time on these creatures, but our fortunes as well. The relationship shared by horses and humans is an ancient one, and shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. This article […]

5 Most Common Horse Breeds In The World

Horse Breeds From Around The World Hundreds of years ago, humans realised that they were able to cross breed different types of horses, and eventually the offspring would inherit some of the better qualities of the previous generations. This is how horse breeding started, and all these years later; it’s become one of the most […]

Top 5 Miniature Horse Breeds

5 Top Miniature Horse Breeds Modern horse breeds are, for the most part, the creation of man. Over thousands of years, man has selectively bred horses from all over the world to introduce their best traits into future generations, eventually creating the perfect horse for the occasion, be it racing, farming, or riding. It has […]

Popular Horse Breeds for Racing

Most Popular Horse Breeds for Racing Success  Thoroughbred racing is often considered to be the most lucrative and the most popular form of horseracing, however there are plenty of other types of horseracing which require different breeds of horses as opposed to the Thoroughbred breed. Harness racing, endurance racing, and quarter horse racing require different […]