Best Horse Breeds For Novice Riders

Learning to effectively ride a horse can take time, patience, and dedication, and it’s not something anyone can do without prior experience.  Even the world’s best jockeys had to start somewhere, and it took them years of hard work before they could start winning races on a regular basis.

Part of the journey is the beginning, and it might be worth looking at horse breeds that are easier to ride than jumping straight into the ones that are notoriously difficult to temper and train. With that in mind, these are the horse breeds that are easier to train than most others and are recommended for those that are brand new to the world of horse riding.

Friesian Horse

Often regarded as the retrievers of the horse world, Friesians are extremely playful and are as comfortable being ridden as they are just spending their time doing their own thing. They originally come from the northern areas of the Netherlands, but the breed can be easily recognised thanks to its large mane and long tail, as well as the feathering that’s around their hooves. Owners will spend a lot of time grooming this bread, but they are smart and non-temperamental, making them a great breed all around for early riders.

Morgan Horse

The Morgan is often recommended for those that are brand new to riders thanks to their even temperament and easy trainability. They are also considered by many to be the first American breed of all time, and have gained a reputation for being kind, gentle, and incredibly easy to train.

They are known for being people pleasers and will do whatever they can to try and figure out what their rider wants from them, making them a prime pick for beginners. They’re also boast robust health, meaning that a new rider that’s still learning the ropes won’t have to worry too much about bringing in a vet to see to various health problems, and can instead use the money for pokies apps for mobile.

American Quarter Horse

Another American breed that has become a favourite for farm and ranch owners, as well as those that are wanting to learn to ride for the first time. The American Quarter horse is great at learning new things and will always push as hard as they can to make their trainer or ride happy. They are not fussy, and are extremely easy to look after, especially considering how healthy they tend to be.

They make great solo horses, but generally work best when there are others around, allowing them to socialise among their own kind. This is also the favoured breed for trail riding, meaning that they are great for learning how to ride on terrain that isn’t too friendly.

Connemara Pony

This breed of horse is originally from Western Ireland and was used as a helper on farms. It contains genetics from Scandinavian and Spanish breeds, and while it isn’t the smallest horse around, it’s still small enough to be less intimidating for new riders when compared to other entries on this list. It’s a great choice for those riders that tend to be on the shorter side, and due to their gentle nature, they’re great for first-time equestrians that are wanting to learn the ropes.

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