PONY TRAIN How to Train Your Horse for Racing

Author: Doreen Cohen

The Skills Of The Thoroughbred

In the world of professional horse racing, there are few other breeds that are as highly prized as the thoroughbred. This breed has become known throughout the world for being extremely fast, confident, and easy to train, making them perfect for horse racing.

The Top Training Treats For Training

Horses, like most animals, are always looking for something to eat. The more appealing the treat, the more receptive the animal will be, which is why many professional horse trainers often use treats in their training sessions, especially as a way to positively enforce a particular behaviour.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Horseback Rider?

Horseback riding comes with many benefits, mental and physical. Everyone has his or her own reasons for wanting to learn how to ride.  The strengths you learn in this sport you can develop in other areas of your life not just riding.

Three of History’s Greatest Racehorses

Humans have been racing horses for literally thousands of years. In fact, there are records of the practice among Central Asian nomadic peoples dating all the way back to 4500 BC. As you can imagine, scores of iconic racehorses have pounded the turf over the course of the sport’s long history. Here’s our list of […]

Maintaining A Horse’s Mental Health

Horses are generally fairly intelligent creatures, and much like dogs, cats, and humans, they can become bored extremely easily when they aren’t kept mentally stimulated. A bored horse is never a good idea, as not only will they be that much more difficult to keep properly trained, but they might become destructive, and may even […]

How Much Power Can A Horse Generate?

On average, a horse can reach a maximum output of 14.9 horsepower. However, this number will be different between each horse. On average, a human has a maximum output of 1.2 horsepower. Horsepower is a common measurement to anyone who has an interest in cars. However what exactly is horsepower? Where did this term come […]

Tips For Better Horse Skin Health

The skin of a horse is quite thick and usually covered in fur, and it’s the first line of defence that the animal has against infection, pests, insects, and more. A horse’s skin and fur is one of the first parts of the animal will begin to deteriorate if it is unwell, and may often […]

Best Feeding Tips For Horse Owners

While there’s no substitute for a balanced and nutritional feeding program, many horse owners report experiencing feeding time as a niggly and time-consuming task.

Common Horse Riding Beginner Mistakes

Humans have been riding horses for thousands of years, and much like dogs, horses have become trusted companions to us, and have been a vital part of our history. But no one inherently knows how to hop on a horse and start riding straight away, and it’s something that a person needs to learn over […]

Popular And Common Myths About Horse Racing

Just like any sport, amateur and professional horse racing is no stranger to myths and misconceptions. It’s always been a part of the sporting world, and it doesn’t take much for a simple myth to quickly spiral out of control until it’s believed to be a truth about the sport.