All You Need To Know About Disney’s New Black Beauty

Disney recently released the trailer to their much anticipated Black Beauty release. A DisneyPlus original film, the movie reimagines the old, beloved classic, bringing the story of this famous horse to live for whole new audience. The film is due for release on the 27th of November and will be available for streaming.

Here is everything you need to know, as well as interesting behind the scenes information, about this new horse movie:

Kate Winslet Is The Voice Of Black Beauty

Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet voices the Black Beauty horse in the film. Putting such a well-known name like Kate’s behind the horse, of course adds a depth of power to the film that can’t be denied. And yes, Black Beauty enthusiasts may be surprised to discover that in this particular adaption, the horse is in fact a female!

The Movie Is A Far Cry From The Book

While your childhood memories of the Black Beauty story may have been inspired a love for horses, to be warned that these idealised films are a far cry from the book. The Black Beauty novel was written by Anna Sewell in 1877. The original story followed the life of a horse, giving readers a real and vivid look into the cruelty endured by horses during this time from the horse’s perspective. The book was paramount in introducing a number of new horse welfare measures. Disney’s modern day version is a much more heart-warming tale, following a teenager who moves to her uncle’s ranch and falls in love with a wild mare. It’s as entertaining as Canadian casino sites, even if a little different to the true tale.

The Film Was Shot In South Africa

Although set in the American west, Disney’s adaption of the Black Beauty classic was primarily filmed in South Africa. Filming began in South Africa in October of 2019 and takes place primarily in Cape Town. In one scene a dusty training facility had to be completely transformed into an idyllic meadow with ferns, recreating a forest environment under the hot African sun.

Twenty Horses Play Black Beauty

Throughout the film, over twenty real horses had a part to play in Black Beauty’s story, with four main horses used for the main portion of the story. Surprisingly, not all of these horses were actually black. Some of them were dyed with horse-safe henna for the role, with painted on stars, and mane and tail extensions. The four thoroughbred mares used to play Black Beauty were trained within ten weeks using the Liberty Training method.

The Director Is A Horse Lover

The young director of the film, Ashley Avis, is a true horse lover. The 33 year old wrote, directed and edited the film herself. The original novel was one of the main reasons why Avis fell in love with horses and she has been involved with equestrian activities for much of her life. Anyone who loves Black Beauty will want to keep an eye out for Breyer Hollow, a children’s horse-themed series that focusses around the Breyer toyline.

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